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At Leaders we don’t just teach you course subjects, our teaching model focuses on life-long learning skills. This means small classes, formative assessments, more face-to-face hours and an emphasis on collaboration in and outside the classroom. So you can evolve and adapt to challenges and opportunities not just for today, but in the future.

Leader’s rich, supportive environment is a community where teachers love to teach and the focus is on how to learn, rather than what to learn. We are a haven for intelligent and creative students: the bright, the talented, the inquisitive who may also feel unchallenged, restless, and anxious. 

We get to know each student. Every student is different and each brings their own learning style, strengths and weaknesses. That is why small class sizes are so important. Our teachers have a chance to know each student as an individual and find lessons that will resonate with them.

We empower our teachers to practice the art of teaching. There are many ways to teach or learn a lesson. Great things happen when teachers get to know a student and are empowered to adapt lessons to individual strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

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