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Anti-bullying Policy

Leaders International Christian School has a positive approach to all behavior and bullying incidents. Forgiveness is at the center of our faith and means that everyone is given the opportunity to make a fresh start.

“The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control…” (Galatians 5:22-23)

All bullying behavior is unacceptable, regardless of who bullies or how it is delivered, or what reasons justify bullying actions. We recognize the detrimental effect on anyone who may be subjected to bullying and will work actively to minimize bullying risks. Victims of bullying will be treated in a supportive manner, and their support will not be regarded as a burden to staff and peer groups. We understand that bullying may harm educational performance. We are committed to contesting all bullying behavior and, when necessary, will work in partnership with any relevant agencies. We recognize that bullies may also need ongoing support to change their behavior.

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Protective and Remedial Methods

a. Students Who Have Been Bullied Will Be Supported by:
       1. Offering an immediate opportunity to discuss the experience with the Anti-Bullying Committee or             member of school staff of their choice.
       2. Reassuring the student.

       3. Offering continuous support.
       4. Restoring self-esteem and confidence.

b. Students who have been bullied will be helped by:
       1. Discussing what happened.
       2. Discovering why the student became involved.
       3. Establishing the wrong doing and the need to change.
       4. Informing the parents or guardians to help change the attitude of the student.

Leaders' policies and procedures on child protection stem directly from our school’s mission and vision, which drive our determination for student safety. At Leaders, we understand how vital it is for school employees and parents to work together in the interest on keeping the students safe and well protected. Our policies and procedures are supported by worldwide best practices and coordinate clear and consistent procedures to keep our students safe. If you need further clarification concerning a given situation, please contact the Principal.

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