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Here is a collection of our most asked accommodation questions received from students, agents and parents.



How do I apply to Leaders?

Is there a different fee for international students?

  • Yes, there is a different fee for international students.

Can students apply to Leaders from other countries?

  • Good news! We are accepting students from other countries to enroll in Leaders due to the pandemic.

Does Leaders offer visiting days?

  • Yes, Leaders is offering visiting days by a scheduled appointment.  

Does Leaders require specific testing for admission?

  • Yes, Leaders require specific testing for placement in their level.

Does Leaders offer tutoring?

  • Yes, Leaders offers an academic enhancement program to help children with educational needs.

When the school resumes for SY 2021-2022, will it be on campus or online? 

  • This will depend on local government restrictions. In the event that we are unable to resume regular operations on campus, Leaders will revert to our Distance Learning Platform for students. 

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