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Online-Distance Learning Program

The Online-Distance Learning (ODL) Program is the main distance learning platform implemented by the school. Through the ODL, the children will be continuing on their education, following a modified list of essential learning targets. Live online classes will be conducted via Zoom with the learning materials curated in the Google Classroom.


For ODL classes, the teachers will be in charge of your children’s learning. They will be teaching in the morning and holding consultations for individual areas of difficulty in the afternoon.


The goal is for your child to learn and work with teacher during online classes, while also working independently during offline sessions. For this to be successful, we have included in the curriculum very specific and targeted opportunities to become independent and well versed in the use of technology at different levels.


In the ODL curriculum, we will still be utilizing our BJU books, but will be implementing a modified curriculum that fully integrates essential 21st Century skills, executive function capacities, and full Christian values integration. What you end up with is a set of lessons that provides a solid foundation from Christian leaders. In addition to these core subjects, the school will also be offering interest based classes like art, science experiments, etc. at an extra fee, should your child be interested.


To make learning even more relevant and meaningful for the children, the school will be sending out concrete learning materials on a monthly & quarterly basis. Parents have the option to have these delivered or fetched from the school.


Assessments will be conducted in both authentic and written formats. Grades will be taken on a per quarter basis and recorded onto DepEd’s Learner Information System.


Finally, to make the ODL more effective, we will be training our families to support the children. We will be taking into consideration adult availability for immediate assistance (i.e. getting disconnected, gadget malfunctions, etc.) As such, we will be conducting trainings and orientation sessions for the adult you assign to assist your child. This can be any adult, be it a parent, an older relative, or even a nanny. The teachers will also assist each family on ways they can make their homes more conducive to the online learning platform. From you setting up the learning spaces down to the most effective gadgets that can be used, all these would be covered and tackled on a per family basis.

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