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Our mission and objective is to ensure that every child that studies in Leaders will become great leaders in society around the world. Our students will be able to inspire others, with their talent, communication, and skills. We want every child from Leaders to achieve great things on earth and in Heaven. Leaders who will have a positive impact on society, conducting everything with confidence and integrity, to change the world and to manage and guide others towards a better future.

Why Is Leadership Important?

With the right type of leadership and leadership skills, nothing is impossible, according to Taillard. Ultimately, that helps answer the question, “Why is leadership important?”

“With good leadership, you can create a vision and can motivate people to make it a reality,” Taillard says. “A good leader can inspire everyone in an organization to achieve their very best. Human capital is THE differentiator in this knowledge-based economy that we live in. So, leadership needs to attract, inspire, and ultimately retain as much talent as possible.

“If you inspire people, if you can create the right conditions, you can get much more out of people, and achieve wonders.”

A leaders influence: 

  • Influencing the behavior of people: A leader impresses his subordinates with his leadership ability. He brings them under his control in such a way that they put in their best efforts to achieve the goals of the organization. Good leaders usually get good results through their followers.

  • Solving conflicts effectively: A leader can effectively solve every type of conflict be it employee vs. employee or employees’ vs. employer,  under the weight of his influence. A leader allows his followers the liberty to express their views. That is the reason that he easily understands the reality of the conflict, in this way, by understanding the nature of the conflict he tries to provide timely solution and minimizes the possibility of adverse results.

  • Setting a clear vision: This means Influencing employees to understand and accept the future state of the organization. A good leader will influence his followers to perform their duties by explaining the vision and the importance of their role in the outcome.

  • Building morale: This involves pulling everyone together towards a comment goal. A good leader will let the employees’ know how much their work is appreciated. A simple gesture like providing praise for a task well done, or throwing a party to recognize small achievements, will regenerate their spirits.

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