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Contingencies Regarding Closing During Typhoons

Leaders-ICS adheres to the storm signal guidelines established by the Department of Education of the Philippines (DepEd).

Based on to DepEd Order No. 28, series of 2005, classes in all public and private preschool, elementary, and secondary schools are automatically suspended or cancelled without having to wait for announcement under the following circumstances:

  • When Public Storm Warning Signal (PSWS) No. 1 is raised, classes at the preschool level shall be automatically suspended.

  •  When Public Storm Warning Signal (PSWS) No. 2 is raised, classes at the preschool, elementary, and secondary levels shall be automatically suspended.

  • When Public Storm Warning Signal (PSWS) No. 3 is raised, classes in all levels are automatically suspended.

In the absence of PAGASA Public Storm Warning Signals (PSWS), localized class suspension is allowed by the DepEd. The decision to suspend classes may be made by the school principal, division superintendent, or local government executive.

If students are already in school before classes are suspended due to a typhoon or inclement weather, the students are to remain in school until they are picked-up. They will not be allowed to go home on their own without prior written permission from their parent or guardian.

Emergency Preparedness

Fire and Emergency Drill:

The school conducts fire and earthquake drills to train children on what to do during such situations.

Children’s Release:

During inclement weather or sensitive situations, children will be held in the school until it is safe to leave. Children will only be released after being signed-out by their parent or guardian, or by an authorized adult. Leaders-ICS ensures that the children will be taken care of while within the school premises.

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